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Spartanaire Summer Camp

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Washington DC 8th Grade Trip


Make an impact on their appreciation for our country and send them to Washington DC!

The Washington DC trip has become an annual tradition at Memorial Middle School with over 1500 8th grade students traveling to Washington D.C. through the years to see our Nation’s capitol. With a night in historic Williamsburg/Jamestown, students will gain first hand knowledge of our country’s history. The 4 day 3 night trip is organized by School Tours of America and is offered for a price of $1,604.00 if registered by July 1st and includes all travel, meals and board. The travel dates of the trip are May 18th – May 21st. Seats are limited and fill up fast! Interested? Just go to School Tours online and register at
trip i.d. number is 8413

Questions? Contact Chris Thornton at 713-825-8539

Summer Special from Magness Orthodontics

MMS Graduate Dr. Marc Magness is offering the following special to MMS Students this summer…

2017-2018 School Day Update

The MMS school day for the 2017-2018 school year will be 8:25am – 3:30pm.

SBISD Athletic Forms

If your child plans on participating in athletics next year either in middle school or high school, you will need to fill out the required paperwork online. Click here for online paperwork.  There are also dates you can have your physicals done at MHS for $10! See info below.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bree Drury

Campus Athletic Coordinator

Fund for the Future Endowment Legacy 2017

Looking for the Perfect Graduation Gift?

SBEF has the answer. Honor your 8th grade graduates by making a donation in his or her name to the Fund for the Future Endowment Legacy 2017 program. Your Legacy 2017 gift reaches far beyond one student. It assures education-enhancing opportunities for SBISD students, regardless of economic, social or cultural circumstances.

Based on the donation level you choose, your honoree will be recognized in the SBEF annual report, on the SBISD website or on a plaque displayed at your student’s school.

Legacy 2017 recognizes today’s students while it funds programs for generations of SBISD students. Fund for the Future Endowment donations are wisely invested, and interest income funds district and campus grants that benefit students. Donations to SBEF are not diverted outside our district.

To honor your graduates in Legacy 2017, visit by April 13.

Legacy Donation Form

Looking for a Budding Art Patron for MMS!

It’s the Butterfly Festival, to be conducted in conjunction with Newspring, a district partner in the area of visual arts. The best way to think of this project is to remember the 2001 Cow Parade, which placed 325 artistically decorated cows across Houston (benefitting Texas Children’s Hospital).

The Butterfly Festival will be similar (but smaller), placing 50 artistically decorated butterflies across SBISD. Each school in the district will be invited to submit a design for a butterfly. And our hope is that your PTA might find a generous donor who would sponsor a butterfly for your school, complete with school colors, logo, etc. right on the butterfly, to be permanently displayed at your school.

The butterflies, which will measure four feet by three feet, will be positioned on a solid base and will be weather proofed, so that they can be displayed both inside your school or outside. Each butterfly will cost $10,000. The proceeds will cover a $1,000 stipend to your school for its investment in paints and other decorations. Newspring will cover all other costs, including the undecorated butterflies, base, etc. The net above Newspring’s cost will be contributed to a college scholarship fund to be utilized for deserving district students (approximately $5,000 per butterfly).

For more information, please contact Newspring’s Chairman, Robert Westheimer, at

From the nurse…

  1. Attention 6thgrade  parents!  The MMS clinic is now preparing your student to move to the 7th grade.  According to state law there are immunizations that are required for students to be entering the 7th grade.  If your child is needing these immunizations  you will be notified by mail in early February.  Please attend to this matter ASAP.  I recommend that all 7thgraders have these records completed and submitted to the MMS Clinic by May.  This will ensure your student a smooth transition into 7th grade.  I do not recommend waiting until the summer.  Shortage of the shots by summer is a common problem and does not make an exclusion for State requirement.  I have included locations for free and reduced vaccines.
  2. For all grades:  If your student was referred for vision, hearing, scoliosis, or AN and you have not returned the form.  Please tend to this matter ASAP.  A compliance report is generated and sent to the state of Texas in May.
  3. Remember! teenagers need 10-12 hours of electronic freesleep every night!  I encourage you to have a “phone parking spot” somewhere other than beside the bed.  It’s hard for an Adult not to look at the phone at night….. can you imagine how hard it is  for a teenager?

Smile! And be Healthy

Important Legislative Information

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Calling All MMS Women! FREE BOOTCAMP!

Memorial Area Women’s Bootcamp invites all MMS women to join this FREE and fun workout!

Monday – Wednesday – Friday
Memorial Middle School

Please bring:
mat, towel, weights, band and water

From beginners to advanced, all levels are welcome! Please contact for more information.

Submit Student News for Local Media Coverage

HAVE NEWS? Do you have ANY MMS news that you would like to see covered in the local media? This is a great opportunity to give shout outs to MMS teams or clubs (either preparing for or participating in events or games), school related events, and students doing activities outside of school.

WHAT TO SEND: High-resolution photo(s), along with a detailed caption (approximately 100 words) which includes all first and last names from left to right, as well as who, what, where, and when. If the photo is sent from an iPhone, please send it as “actual size” (MB, not KB).



Thank you!

Bus Routes


Many bus routes have changed. Please go HERE to see your route and timing information. For future reference, this link is always on this webpage under ‘Useful School Links’ on the lower left.

Melvin Eldridge Memorial Scholarship

Melvin L. Eldridge, a former principal of Memorial Middle School for 21 years, passed away on May 30, 2016.  To honor this beloved member of the MMS family, a memorial scholarship has been established through the Spring Branch Education Foundation.  If you would like to contribute to this memorial which will provide scholarships to SBISD graduates who attended Memorial Middle School, you may contact the Foundation or copy the link to the “Melvin Eldridge Memorial Scholarship” that is given below.  All donations that are made to this scholarship are tax-deductible, and donors will receive gift receipts for their contributions.

HERE is the link for the Melvin Eldridge Scholarship for those who wish to donate through PayPal.

If you prefer, you may send your contributions directly to the Foundation at the mailing address below.

Spring Branch Education Foundation

955 Campbell Road, Suite 206

Houston, TX 77024


SBEF Campaign

sbef_logo3Families in the district can support the Foundation through our new ‘Making our Schools Better’ campaign. Every dollar donated goes directly to funding scholarships, student field trips, and grants for our innovative teachers. Click here to learn more!

Volunteer Application

The 2016-17 SBISD volunteer application is now open! Beat the back-to-school rush and apply now! Click here.

As a reminder, all volunteers must register and gain approval before starting volunteer service each year. If you were approved to volunteer during the 2015-16 school year, your status is only valid until October 1, 2016. After that point, all returning volunteers need to be re-registered and approved for the 2016-17 school year. *Please note: Volunteers who apply using a valid email address will now automatically receive an email from SBISD once you are approved to volunteer.

Thank you for being an SBISD Volunteer. We value your service and the impact it has on every SBISD child.


Bus Riding with Friends Policy

Parents of Bus Riders:

If your child wants a friend to ride home with them, please send a note to school by 2:00 p.m. Please send the note with your child or via email to the appropriate grade level principal. The grade level principal will communicate with the driver. We appreciate your support on this policy.