Thank you!!!

Hello wonderful PTA volunteers!
I wanted to say one last thank you to everyone who volunteered for any PTA committee or helped with any PTA-related event or project this year. We definitely couldn’t have done it without you, and you are appreciated more than you’ll ever know!

Before we leave for the summer, please check your records and make sure you’ve turned in all receipts to Jennifer Brannen for any expenses you’ve paid out on behalf of the PTA. Please do not absorb any costs yourself. If you pay for something and don’t request reimbursement, we don’t know what was actually spent, making it tough to come up with a realistic budget for the following year. So, please turn in any remaining receipts this week. There are PTA reimbursement envelopes in the MMS mail room, so fill one out and drop it in the “Treasurer” bin with any receipts. (Note: Once our PTA fiscal year ends, we cannot reimburse for expenses paid in the 2018/19 school year.)
Also, to the many of you who received fake emails from “me” this year, please pass the word along that some of the local and/or state PTA websites were apparently hacked (happens regularly, I understand). Any random, urgent email asking you to purchase gift cards did not and will not come from any PTA member. Usually you can click on the name of the sender and you’ll see a different email address. I just wanted to mention it, as those types of emails will probably ramp up again before or right after school starts.
I hope you all have a safe, fun, wonderfull summer. Thank you again for making a difference at MMS!

All my best,

Rhonda Hetman
MMS PTA President 2018-2019
Cell: 713-805-6191

Textbook Returns RESCHEDULED – Volunteers Needed!

**Due to the cancellation of school last Friday, many groups at MMS have needed to reschedule activities on the MMS campus. Textbook returns has been rescheduled because of the various conflicts with these activities.

Please consider helping with the Textbook Returns on the last 3 days of school. Students will be returning books from 10:00 – 11:00am on Wednesday, May 22, Thursday, May 23 and Friday, June 24.  Kim Devaney, the MMS textbook clerk, has asked for 10 volunteers at each of the following time slots:

8th grade – Wednesday, May 22

7th grade – Thursday, May 23

6th grade – Friday, May 24

You may volunteer at any session, even if it is not your child’s grade. Please sign in at the office and then go to the auditorium. Remember that all volunteers on campus must be cleared each year through the online application process.

Please click on the image below to sign up!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Susan Wienert

SBISD Summer Tech Camps

We’re excited to once again offer SBISD students summer coding and robotics learning opportunities!

As in the past, we will offer camps that are open to all Spring Branch students of appropriate ages on a first-come, first-serve basis. The camps will be held on various SBISD campuses to better serve students and families.

Payments can be made by check or money order. Payments should be made to Spring Branch ISD. The payment may be mailed separately or brought to the SBISD Technology Training Center at 14330 Memorial Drive Mondays thru Thursdays between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00.

The registration form may be downloaded, scanned and sent to

Texas PTA Honorary Life Member Award Winners

Congratulations to the MMS Texas PTA Honorary Life Member Award winners:

Trish Zweighaft, Charles Barnes, Becky Lou Ruiz and Sally Jones*

The Honorary Life Member Award is one of the highest honors bestowed upon an individual by a local PTA. An individual receives this award for representing the core values and mission of PTA through his or her outstanding contributions and impact within the local school and community. The volunteerism and investment of time and talent in our youth by these award winners makes a difference!

*Not pictured

End of the Year Information from Nurse Ruiz

Friendly reminder:  All Medicine must be picked up by May 24th or it will be discarded!

MAY 18, 2019
8AM – 12PM
9180 Katy Freeway suite 200
Houston Texas 77055
713 984 1400

Becky-Lou Ruiz, R.N. School Nurse

713-251-3925  phone and fax

Summer Reading Opportunities

Looking for summer reading opportunities for your child? The SBISD middle and high school librarians have created a suggested summer reading list. There is a list for both middle school and high school students. Books on the list include award winners, state reading lists, and many tried-and-true librarian favorites. And your child can use the FREE Sora app to check out from the SIBSD Digital Library. All the books are available as an eBook and/or eAudiobook. For more information, click HERE.

Order Your School Supplies NOW for the 2019 – 2020 School Year!

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Please see below for this help article for parents shared by Coach Moore:


There is no question in my mind that, on average, the most challenging years to parent screen time is in middle school. It can take a caregiver on a brutal emotional rollercoaster ride.

Three years ago, researchers at Arizona State University published a study in Developmental Psychology where they surveyed more than 2,200 mothers with children of all ages about how they were feeling about their lives. The researchers then compared mothers who only have children in one age group. You’d think the moms of babies missing out on sleep would be the most stressed. Not so. It was the mothers of middle school age children who reported the highest levels of stress.

But we do not need a survey to tell us this. Those of us with tweens and new teens are living it. I just want to take this moment to validate how freaking hard it can be for some of us.

Why is it so hard? In middle school kids bodies start to change, the hormones start pumping and their brains begin firing impulses, urges and strong emotions. Our kids start being exposed to risky situations and behaviors. The video games are more violent, the YouTube content is more illicit, the social media turns into an emotional landscape, and peer pressure is more prevalent than before.

How we interact with our middle school age kids changes too. The sweet, loving kid who loved to hug and listened to everything you said now flinches when touched and fights many of our rules and expectations.

Here are some things that have been helped me:

Reaching out
When my kids were in middle school, I reached out to friends and family who have gone through the teenage years and was always very open about where I was having a hard time emotionally. Also, I would set up times to be together with my friends and their kids to have screen-free days or nights all together. Two girlfriends and I created something we named Change Makers with our tween daughters. Once a month moms and daughters would meet to discuss a TED talk we all had watched beforehand. It was a way to reaffirm good things in life, the world, our girls, our relationships, and to take a break from worrying energy.

A good book on this topic is Laura Kastner’s Getting To Calm or Lisa Damour’s Untangled. People also really like How to Talk So Kids Will Listen by Adele Faber and Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman.
Reframe The Situation
Six years ago when my son was in middle school, he had a phone that allowed him to text. When I saw all the swearing kids were doing in their texts, I felt so incredibly emotional. But, I learned that that swearing is a “third language”—so much of it is about feeling grown up. I do not at all excuse it, and it warrants many discussions, but seeing it as such, really helped me to calm down. That way I could have conversations that were not laden with my emotions that would work against such conversations.

Relax—deep relaxation
That is something very hard for me. I find using tools to help has been great—such as Headspace, and later the app 10% Happier. With it, I listen to a short lesson on different aspects of mindfulness and then I am guided through a very short mindfulness-based meditation. This helps me so that when I feel like I am about to blurt out something to one of my kids, I work to find that micro space between my reaction and my response. I stop in that space, take a breath and decide what my calm response should be. If I am too emotionally charged, I literally bite my lip, leave the room and do more deep breathing. Do I always succeed in these approaches? Absolutely not. But when I fail, I give myself a little compassionate pat on my heart and say “just begin again.”

Recognize Differences
I am so fascinated with how some of us parents feel so intensely emotional over the things our kids are being exposed to and doing while others seem to have so little reaction. Take my husband, for example, who is so much less emotionally triggered by the things that concern me about our kids. At times this really irritates me, but I have learned to value that we come to the table with different views and the goal is to take the best from both places. Also, I can go to him to hear his perspective to help me off my emotional cliff.
For this Tech Talk Tuesday, let’s talk about how to smooth out the emotional rollercoaster ride of parenting middle schoolers. Engage your middle schooler (or send this TTT to a friend with middle schoolers) or ask the same question to any age child.

• Share what things are going well in all of your lives at this moment in time.
• See if you use calm curiosity to ask about their feelings about swearing and other things happening in middle school time.
• Ask them, what is helpful and what is not that we, as parents, do or say when you seem irritable or withdrawn?

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